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Contact Information

By Phone:
Dial Ext. 152 this will call Todd in Technical Support. (Please leave a VM & Send a follow up e-mail if no answer). You can also reach me via Athena Text.

By E-mail:

Send an e-mail to [email protected] (This goes to Todd & Sandy)


  • How do I change my passwords?
  • Can you kill my session?
How do I change my passwords?

Changing your Network password:
From a Thin Client – Launch any application, the press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, you will see a link to “Change a Password”.
From a Fat Client – Launch a Citrix Application and press CTRL + F1, you will see a link to “Change a Password”.
Changing your Athena password:
If you are at the 10 day mark, you will be prompted to change it after logging in.
If you are not at the 10 day mark, you can change it from the user profile screen under the settings icon (See screen shot below)

Remember: You only get 4 Chances to guess your Athena password, the 5th incorrect password will LOCK your account. You can always use the forgot password link to reset the Athena password, but it will NOT work if you are locked out.

Can you kill my session?


This questions is asked all the time when someone feels their computer is frozen up. I.T. can kill your session, but you can also do it from your thin client by closing ALL applications and logging off. If you look at the bottom of your screen you will see 1 of 2 icons. You will either see a colored triangle or a black circle with white swirls, click this icon and choose log off. This will log you off or “Kill your session” and take you back to your login screen.

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